Monday, November 9, 2009

The Week That Was...Mixed Messages 11/1-11/8 2009

Women’s reproductive rights are under attack by letting the Stupak Amendment be slipped into the House bill on health care reform. The 33 year old Hyde Amendment which was slipped into an appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services already disallows public funding for abortion, but this amendment goes one step further by denying women who are paying for their own insurance through private insurance the ability to access this legal, I repeat, legal medical procedure by forcing them to buy an additional separate, single-service rider. While we all know that no Republicans have any respect for any woman to make a decision about her own body, it’s now clear that the male Democrats feel the same way. Another thing bothering me is that this amendment was brokered in part with Catholic Bishops! When do we go back to seperation of church and state? Any church involved in policy should be stripped of their tax exempt existence.

Which brings me to the Catholic Churches assistence in repealing same-sex marriage rights in Maine on Tuesday…you know the state that claims “live and let live” as it’s motto. It’s now crystal clear that they’re just another bunch of hypocrites whose prejudice came out loud and clear. Live and let live, unless you’re gay, then tough luck, your human and civil rights do not supercede the homophobia of the masses. The fact that the same-sex marriage rights campaign failed to use a winning strategy bothers me as well, since I would’ve thought the Prop 8 defeat in California would have been the model of what went wrong and not repeat it. Yet, my understanding is, they never fought back forcfully enough, particularly the lie that same-sex, sex would be taught in school. Who would actually believe that?! Apparently 52% of Mainiacs. The high five the Catholic Church received is another reminder of how they should be strpped of their tax exempt status, along with the Mormans who heavily funded Yes on 8 in California.

Quick Thoughts: That wild and "carazy" Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota with assistence from Faux Newz rallied thousands of teabagging hillbillies to the Capitol on Thursday to voice their displeasure of a bill designed to help them. They want no part government run healthcare, but don’t even think about taking away their Medicare! All in all they had a good day. Think about it, a free bus ride to Washington D.C. and donuts supplied by multi-millionaire David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity……Also that day, I thoroughly enjoyed Ohio Republican John Boehner proudly holding up “his copy” of the Constitution and then reciting the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. The best part was, Bachmann mouthing the incorrect words right behind him! Then there was Missouri Republican Todd Akin stating that saying the Pledge of Allegiance “drives liberals crazy.” Then of course, stumbling over the words, it doesn’t get any better than that!......Also love the firestorm about the Republicans winning two Governorships. I wouldn’t have voted for weak Democrat Creigh Deeds who ran a terrible campaign in Virginia either, nor would I have voted for the Republican which is how he won, Democrats stayed home. In New Jersey, Jon Corzine’s approval ratings going into Tuesday were abysmal and he still nearly won even after breaking his promise to lower property taxes in his state, which he never delivered on. NY-23 is the most amusing in my mind. Apparently, moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava who believed in a woman’s right to choose and same-sex rights, yet was a fiscal conservative got tagged as a “radical leftist” by far, far right winger Michelle Malkin. In the Republican’s quest to “purify” their party and turn it into a bunch of far right teabagging anti-woman, anti-progress radical Neanderthals, they called on ultra conservative and creepy businessman Doug Hoffman to run against her and Democrat Bill Owens as a Conservative Party candidate even though he didn’t live in the district. With the endorsement of celebrity serial quitter Sarah Palin and Tea-Bagging extraordinaire Dick Armey of FreedomWorks, they knocked Scozzafava out of the race and were celebrating the fact that no Democrat has held that seat since 1872 so clearly, the purification had begun! A funny thing happened on the way to the polls, Scozzafava backed Owens and the voters actually chose to elect someone based on his knowledge of their local concerns as opposed to sending a message to Washington. Elections do have consequences!

That’s it for now, until the next time, stay safe, think forward!

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