Friday, August 7, 2009

The Long and Winding Road

On a day we should be celebrating the first hispanic and only third woman appointed to the Supreme Court, we are instead watching the the reality of racism in this country, still alive and thriving. Before I get into my feelings about our current climate, let me first congratulate Justice Sotomayer. While I would have preferred a more liberal nominee, her credentials are solid and she is clearly qualified for this appointment. I am happy that our court will start showing the diversity that is the U.S.A. Congratulations Judge Sotomayer.
Now, let's talk about the health care reform "protesters" and the "birthers". I think the thing that bothers me as much as the angry right wing mobs disrupting town hall meetings is the lack of action from the left...or even the middle. Did the Brooks Brothers Riot during the recount of the 2000 election teach us anything? You can not take the high road with these well organized lunatics. Had the Democrats stood tall and said, "we're not going to take this", maybe the 8 years of the Bush-Cheney Dictatorship would not have happened. My guess is it still would have, since Papa Bush still retains a lot of friends in power, but maybe it would've at least been lessened in what they attempted to pull off, but the showing of weakness by the Democrats has always bothered me and is still dogging them as they are hell bent on bi-partisanship. When? When did Republicans ever reach out for bi-partisanship when they were in total power? Bush's tax cuts for the rich were reconcilatory, yet the Dems are being wimps about doing the same to pass true health care reform. Everytime I turn on the news and see some angry middle aged white person screaming "I want my country back", it smacks of racism and hatred. The health care reform package is designed to help these exact people! Barack Hussein Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Hawaii. The state has confirmed the birth certificate's legitimacy three times, our own U.S. state and the far right fringe will not accept that, yet a poorly doctored Australian/Kenyan Birth certificate, they think is a "smoking gun". They're getting their information from right wing tv and radio, who still have credibility with these undereducated "conservatives". What exactly has President Obama done that they no longer recognize their country? Nothing. He's a young dark-skinned American lawyer who wants to revive the American dream. George W, Bush shredded our constitution at the urging of his self appointed Vice President and NOW they want their country back. They had no problem with the Bushies unwarranted spying, they had no problem with waging war with a country that did nothing to us and they had no problem with letting deregulation destroy the economy. Still, the Dems say very little. I've read a lot of blogs with righties screaming, as they always do, that they're just exercising their right to free speech. I would have no problem with that, if they are legitimate questions, if they weren't threatening congressman, even as far as death threats. When Bush stole two elections, we never threatened with violence, but since they think that was democracy at it's finest, how can they make any comparison? When shock jocks like Rush Limbaugh are stirring up the Hitler angle and Glenn Beck is stating that Obama is a racist and that he (Beck) wants to poison Pelosi, they've stepped over the line, yet they will feel no responsibility when one of their unhinged listeners takes the next logical (in their mind) step. We know this because it's already happened. In PA, a tri-cop killer believing Obama was taking his guns, in TN in a church because gays were allowed to worship, Dr. Tiller in KS. for performing a legal procedure and the Holocaust Museum shooting. These are the headliners so you know there's more lesser known crimes. All these murders were tied to Fox News commentaters to an extent. Their books were found in the killers' homes or friends admitted to who "guided" them.
The reason politics is now a focus in my life is what happened with the stolen election of 2004. Even though I felt 2000 was "the grand theft", by 2004 surely the American public would not allow this to happen again since we now had Bush's dismal record as a barometer. Alas, I was wrong. While I will always believe that the Diebold voting machines in Ohio were rigged, the truth is, it never should've even been close enough for them to pull it off...again. What I really want now, is an expose' of Michael Connell's December 2008 plane crash. If you remember, Connell was called to testify in federal court regarding a lawsuit alleging that he took part in tampering with Ohio's voting results in the 2004 election. Days before the crash, he had been warned not to fly the plane by a "friend" who said the plane might be sabatoged. It appears that he was right. When that plane crashed, so did any real hope of finding out exactly what happened.
That, my friends is a brief synopsis of my values and concerns on my maiden voyage into the blogosphere!

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